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Chicago Bill I respect the law. That's why I'm givin' it a fair fight.
15 minutes ago. 4 Comments
Cowboy Charlie is callin it quits. Love is one battlefield I ain't skilled enough to fight on.
17 minutes ago. 2 Comments
Rapid City Russ i am but an imbecile when accompanied by spirits. anyone wanna help me fetch my horse outta the bog?
25 minutes ago. 1 Comment
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz my yodeling cost me my beautiful red hair. I think I'm done with it. I'm done with it forever!
37 minutes ago. 12 Comments
John Red Eagle the spirits of the elders have seen fit to bless us with calm blue skies. I think I'm finally going to build that new wigwam.
34 minutes ago. 5 Comments
40 minutes ago. 12 Comments
Wenatchee Kid and Cincinnati Pete are now listed as pardners.
1 hour ago. 17 Comments
Sooty Stan Boy howdy I got me a big ol' honeycomb. Gentleman, ready your biscuits accordingly!
1 hour ago. 8 Comments
Tall James McGinley is now listed as lonesome.
1 hour ago. 12 Comments
Ol' Floyd Carson *sigh* men... they're all mangy dogs.
1 hour ago. 3 Comment
Wild Ron Much obliged for all the well wishes, folks. Chicago Bill's aim is about as true as them newspapers printin' my obituary.
2 hours ago. 24 Comments
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz was scalped by Naches.
2 hours ago. 46 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe Aw heck! It's off, boys.
2 hours ago. 12 Comments

Mad Bill Boothe looks like we'll be robbing the 4:15 to Phoenix, boys!
2 hours ago. 12 Comments
Sheriff Pawley
fancies this.

Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz is deep in Apache territory with nothin' but his wits and his voice. Time to shine, Red. Time to shine.
2 hours ago. 13 Comment
Hoagy Calhoun hey tiny madison, I think the two of us plumb got our horses switched last night. mine's the dumb one, yers is the ugly one!
3 hours ago. 3 Comments
Rutherford Griffith anyone hittin the saloons tonight? In a celebratin mood on account of my dog comin back.
4 hours ago. 9 Comments
Tiny Madison why the heck is my danged horse runnin me in circles? She looks better'n normal, tho.
4 hours ago. 1 Comment
Vaquero Esquerra whicha y'all are comin to my chili cookoff???
4 hours ago. 33 Comments
Prospectin Doyle anyone know anything about gold fever? cuz I think I got it!!!
5 hours ago. 12 Comments
Tallahassee Percy Having recently taken to the Lord's Ways, I no longer find pleasure in fartin around so much.
1 day ago. 2 Comments
Slimy Morgan Doc says I needa cut back on my drinkin on accounta my wild expectoratin
1 day ago. 4 Comments
Father Gerald better not see any of his folk frequenting any houses of sin, or there'll be HELL to pay!
1 day ago. 1 Comment
Gray Clay Bailey trying an experiment: going to shower and wear a new outfit every day to see if it improves my standing with the fairer gender. Today's outfit: a barrel.
1 day ago. 7 Comments
Hoppy is mighty sore at that damn medicine man for sellin me bad peyote. Spent the day kissing a hog's rear end thinking it was my beautiful Ellie.
1 day ago. 4 Comments

Buford Bronson joined the group IF THIS GROUP GITS 10,000 PARDNERS I'LL MARRY MY HORSE.
1 day ago. 33 Comments

The Outlaw Johnny Hunt whoda thunk I'd meet the love of my life the day I git sent to prison? Wait for me Miss Molly Sue! Wait for me!
1 day ago. 14 Comments

Doc Beauzerau looks like jim hoyle prolapsed again. reckon I better fetch the scissors.
1 day ago. 3 Comments

Blackboots McCoy can someone front me a few greenbacks? i'm feelin mighty lucky tonight.
1 day ago. 15 Comments

Green Chaps McGee What them Chinamen do with opium... magnifique! Can't even feel the hurt in my heart no more.
1 day ago. 17 Comments

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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