IN THESE TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES, movie studios can't always afford big-budget production values. Fortunately, audience preferences have adjusted to this new climate, so much so that moviegoers made Paranormal Activity 2 the biggest-opening horror film ever, despite its complete lack of fancy costumes, special effects and scares. (Scares don't actually cost money, it turns out, but you can see why they cut that corner, because it's better to be fiscally safe than sorry.) Anyway, the SA Forum Goons came up with some suggestions of how cash-strapped studios could remake their biggest titles without breaking the bank. It's sort of like Be Kind Rewind, except funny!

Snowman_McK isn't afraid to dream a little smaller.

Honestly, Big L, you just don't put the effort into your schemes that you used to.

Did Alan Smithee make this image, or did its creator disown it, saddling it with that pseudonym? We'll never know.

Nice work, but SlightButSteady needs to start crumpling that pulp if he wants to achieve the fabled "Trejo texture."

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