Perhaps you've skimmed this page, seen the dirty creatures and relentless killers depicted below, and thought "horror-movie villains -- this seems like the kind of thing that might have been relevant last week." Shows how little you know about the monster calendar, jerk! See, after working overtime on Halloween to complete all their seasonally mandated hauntings and murder sprees, these ghastly beasts and undead slashers need to unwind. So this is the perfect time for the SA Forum Goons to put together a theme about the bad guys' leisure pursuits.

I like what you've done here, SlightButSteady. The question is: What will our judges think?

iSimian posted this image on the Something Awful forums. There were no survivors.

Lizard Combatant doesn't really have the stomach for this kind of grisliness. That poor, butchered cucumber...

Put your ear really close to this Diabolik900 image, and you'll hear a whispered "I see you." Or some Billy Ocean.

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