Continuing last week's theme, the SA Forum Goons transform classic films -- and some modern ringers -- into porn parodies. Again, this isn't really work-friendly, what with the cock silhouettes and the saggy dragon boobs and the aggravated buggery, but then you probably knew that from the "Porn" in the title, unless your office somehow prevents the word "porn" from showing up on screen, in which case your bizarre futuristic totalitarian workplace is getting exactly the subversive Versions of Classic Films it deserves! LONG LIVE THE NUDE FLESH!

Looks like they love you, SlightButSteady! And the audience is always right!

Where do the hands belong in your scheme, Elftor?

Check the YouTube "reaction clips" for melaQuit's image to see some dudes smiling and nodding in amusement!

The Merkinman: Making valleys look grassier since 1941.

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