As of now there are roughly eighty bajillion magazines covering every topic from log cabins to things as absurd as female health and living. Really, if you have an interest, no matter how obtuse, there is a magazine or trade journal written on your behalf by people equally as troubled. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons venture back into the realm of the newsstands, making magazines that more accurately reflect their titles. What does this added dose of honesty accomplish? Absolutely nothing, but it's entertaining anyway!

W00kly Hed has a silly name and he also started everything this week by making this picture that sums up my feelings on a lot of things.

Blue Storm is always up collecting on the 1st and 15th.

Blue Storm is no longer able to sustain even the mildest of energy balls.

Blue Storm never saw it coming, but here it is, right below this text!

Crackbaby long dreamed of the moment his name would appear above a picture he also made on a popular website. One day his dream will come true.

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