Bibs. After 4 years it has come down to us Photoshopping children's bibs. And really, it's about damn time. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons have a big heaping helping of exciting and inappropriate bibs for messy tots, loud creatures that are by nature prone to smothering themselves in goop for no discernable reason. As an added bonus, every comment this week is horribly depressing. Please try to enjoy!

esoteric333 got this whole sad affair started, but then that's all he's good for.

esoteric333 lost his puppy when he was a child, and adopted this image instead. Unfortunately it doesn't love him either.

cetra just wanted this image to be over with, like everything else in his "life."

Dib is just ticking the seconds away, waiting until he's finally out of time.

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