According to all the Comedy Website trade publications, pictures of cute animals are "in" this year. Meanwhile, pictures involving natural disasters and man-made tragedies are holding steady toward the top of pretty much every Photoshop-fodder trend graph. The SA Goons decided to combine the two, producing a mix of "awww" and "oh god why" that will potentially appeal to everyone, or no one!

dogcrash truther

Let's face it, no matter how much we love our "furry children," sometimes the can cause an awful mess. Take my cat, Boop. She's always getting into crawlspaces, clawing up my furniture, peeing on the rug, and flooding the Ninth Ward:

Pictured: Hurricane Catrina -- Heckuva job, Boopy!

Frustrating! I can't be the only one with a pet that can sometimes be a little naughty. Please post pictures of your pets causing history's greatest catastrophes to make me feel a little better about my skills as a "kitty dad." Thanks!


FluffieDuckie/ Bo-Pepper

Roger and Anakin are real sorry about all this


Cosmic Charlie

Welp lost another deposit, thanks a lot farnsworth

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