Then Lowtax forwards me an email Tom B. sent him about my article where it seemed an awful lot like he was trying to get me in trouble with the boss. His email was about a comment I added to the article at the last minute pointing out that I never signed the NDA I was given by Warner Brothers.

From: Tom B.
To: Lowtax
Subject: Watchmen review

I have a couple of comments about the review of the movie Watchmen by Zack Parsons. Leaving aside his inability to get basic facts correct, like who wrote the comic book (Alan Moore, not Neil Gaiman), you might want to consider the fact that he basically lied to the studio about signing the NDA form, and said so in the update he posted.

First, despite what he said about not being able to get sued, yes they can.
They are a large studio, with lots of money and lawyers on retainer, and while they may not win (if they have a recording of him saying he did sign it, they have a good shot at doing just that) they can cost him a lot of money, and since it was on your site, you too.

Second, if I were doing a movie and I saw a review site made a practice of lying about something like that, I would think twice about giving them advanced looks at my stuff.

So there are a couple of ways that his irresponsible actions could have serious repercussions to your site. They might not. Major corporations are well known for being kind and considerate after all.

Tom B.

Yo, Tom, here on the fucking street we live by one simple rule: snitches get stitches. That was some lowdown rat shit you played there talking about NDAs and lawyers and acting like I didn't properly get my degree in Watchmanomics like you. That was some get-stabbed-in-the-yard squealing.

What was your goal there? Trying to get me in trouble, maybe? Get me fired? Get the article taken down?

Or were you trying to make yourself look like a huge bitch?

Because if it was that one, Tom B., then mission accomplished. I think we all know what that last initial stands for, Tom. It's Bitch. Tom Bitch. So why don't you take your bullshit about Alan Moore and your legal eagle wannabe bullshit and go fuck yourself, you waaaahmbulance chasing motherfucker. You can sign this NDA promising you won't tell nobody how badly I just took you to school.

That goes double for the rest of you foul-mouthed little nerds. The Watchmen suck worse than Green Goblin in X-men. How did anyone think that shit was cool? Nobody is gonna go see your stupid movie anyway.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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