When I used to play street ball my signature move was the one where I go up for a layup and fart in the opposing players faces and then I do their mothers all at once. I call it the Spokker Jones special.

This was the best street ball board? So there are actually others like this? Wow.

There you have it folks. The only thing in life is apparently "Kit Kat" and we should all stop searching for that special thing in our life because, uhm, "Kit Kat" is it.

Ew, why would you want a dude sucking your knob off?

I think Something Awful should adopt an all streetball/rap battle format. We would be millionaires.

See, look at the replies on this forum. If only we could pull down numbers like that. Christ.

The fun never stops at DIME.

Hey can I join your team. I got hoop dreams, coach!

Yo yo yo you is whack / I'll kill yo cat / My niggas got mah back / I love Kit-Kats / I'll fuck a rat / Yo yo yo word.

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