I don't know what kind of game Doll War is but this is the official discussion forum for the game. If the forums are any indication then DollWars has the most intelligent user base of any online game. Sure it's no Xbox Live but at least they aren't calling each other racial epithets every other second. Here's what girls who grew up on Bratz dolls act like.

Go USA! We're #1!!!

The union debate is so heated it has pilled into the schools. SHOP UNION. BUY AMERICAN.

I've been on Povich twice... Sally Jesse Raphael three times...

There's only one solution: threesome.

Well, you're the moderator and all...

The science vs. religion debate will finally be laid to rest on the DollWar forums.

Yeah, they live with poohbear247 from a couple images up.

Is this the Idiot King contest?

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