is a popular place to buy and sell junk. Ever since they decided to add customer discussions to every product page it has turned into a popular place to act stupid. Amid the viral marketers and wacky and fake user reviews is a sea of real people like you and me discussing the finer points of Lindsay Lohan albums. Join me as we profile some of the best discussions happening right now on Amazon!

Saints Row is really GTA4 but nobody noticed.

No, this mp3 player logs onto SoulSeek and downloads music for you. No need to pay!

Someone really hates Paris Hilton.

So much that he posted it three times. That's triple the hate than your next leading Paris Hilton hater!

Jessica Simpson taking some hits as well.

This viral marketing post is unbelievable!

Here are the only two guys on the planet excited for the Martin DVD release.

I found this review helpful.

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