My girlfriend says that ridiculing people with deviant interests reinforces social values, or common standards, in a society. Well, get ready to do a whole lot more reinforcing in this week's Weekend Web!

By now you've comes to terms with the fact that every single thing from your youth has been or is going to be ruined by those who seem to pop boners for them. From Sonic the Hedgehog to Rescue Rangers, everything I loved as a kid now has erotic fan-fiction and furry nonsense associated with it. But the one thing that has survived thus far is my memory of Yoshi.

Until now. Enter the Neo Yoshi Aurorium. It's a forum full of people who love Yoshi more than anyone should love Yoshi. I mean, these people really love Yoshi. Who knew that when we were running around Dinosaur Land on that lovable green dinosaur that we'd grow up only to find people debating whether it should wear clothes for six pages or anthromorphic drawings of it in a bikini? Sigh.

Let's start this off with a bang, Joe. P!

Here's some Yoshi roleplay. If a human dude ever got a crush on a girl Yoshi I guess this is what it would be like.

Well I agree with you on those points, but I also think adult animals shouldn't be depicted sexually!

Ugh, I should be getting hazard pay for this.

Steve Irwin is rolling in his watery grave.

Okay, I promise not to rape you for your opinion if you promise not to rape my pets.

On Saturdays I make fun of forums now I guess.

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