People often ask me, and by often I mean once, "How do you go on after seeing all these horrible, horrible forums?" The truth is, I don't. I am actually dead and a ghost. I took my own life shortly after starting Weekend Web. Because I committed the gravest sin of suicide I am destined to float listlessly through eternity as a ghost finding more disgusting forums as a punishment. is one of them, a place where men of all ages, races, and creeds can come together to celebrate the beautiful pastime known as dick flashing.

There should be some kind of constitutional amendment to protect dick flashers from these grave injustices. I will pass legislation in congress and filibuster the senate or however the hell these things get passed.

This is the only image in today's feature that is too big for our fancy web2.0 design. Click on the image to see the whole thing. It's worth it.

Maybe you can put your real semen in the fake penis and have a fake ejaculation but using real sperm. But I'm sure you already thought of that...

It'll be the only course these guys ever receive an A+ on.

I too hate it when a girl gets scared when they see my dick. If only they could embrace surprise cock in their face.

Nudity and sex aren't evil, but whipping it out unannounced probably is.

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