When I first heard about XXXChurch I was hoping to see some hot nun anal action with no cum dodging allowed. We're talking sister Mary getting railed in the vestibule. What I found instead was a batshit insane anti-porn, anti-masturbation forum with more Jesus than a trailer park. How long can you go without jerking off? If it's any more than six hours, you are a not a man.

I'm pretty sure there has been more than 100 years of suffering.

What this guy calls a lifetime of disgust I call a Saturday night.

There's a typo here actually. He meant to say, "I used to do youths..."

Well you can be with Phil for the rest of your life but there's nothing we can do about the other stuff. Sorry.

Jerking off is a sin but furry fandom is okay? What the hell is wrong with these people?

You know, the Something Awful Forums include the most deranged people on the planet and even we ban for bestiality. I think that's a pretty good indication that it's wrong.

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