"The world's largest community for Xanga users." Do you think anyone would care to know you spent all day Saturday watching Judge Joe Brown and Family Feud over the phone with Jason? Have you ever thought that your friends would love to read your amusing anecdotes about waking up and trying to pee in the dark? Welcome home!

It took so many years and we lost so many good men, but it's finally over. The race to find the coolest way to wear a baseball cap has come to an end.

Welcome to the exciting world of girls!

Holy shit, kids today. Back in my day we hid our own problems while laughing at everyone else's and THAT'S HOW WE LIKED IT.

Replay the "weird looks and laughter" one a few times.

"i don't cut my arms up for attention but here's a short history of my cutting habit"

The terrorists hate our fresh ingredients and tex-mex skillet sensations.

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