The Book of What has been and What will be, submitted by Leigh. Speaking of religions, we've got a new and exciting "religion" coming down the pipeway like a snake through a fat man's large intestines. It's called "Reveltrans" or "The Marnasin Nation" or something and is all about exciting concepts such as "Rational Basis," the "Final Frame Postulate," and the always-exciting "Roprime Terminology." Wow, sounds great! I can hardly wait to read the 10 million lines of text on this wonderful website that contains such colorful and eye-meltingly horrid background images!

Has there ever been a more horrifying revolution than the overthrow of the Illusion of Woman by the reality of women? And why should women be allowed to meddle in an affair that has so little to do with them?

Maternal love is the second worst thing that can happen to a child.

Who reproduces renders himself obsolete. Thus is the churning in the belly the equivalent of a death rattle.

Sounds right to me! Collect and trade all 42 different "Visions" and see if you can solve the riddle of who murdered Mrs. Burlington in the dining room with the candlestick! I'm guessing you can't.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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