Multiple Breast Galleries, submitted by Tim. Combine "hey, I found boobs on the Internet!" with "hey, I found a warezed copy of Photoshop on the Internet!" and you get "hey, I found a really shitty site on the Internet!" The "Multiple Breast Galleries" is a site dedicated to just that, multiple breasts. Now I'm not talking about two breasts here, we're in the 4-100 million zillion jillion range in this Internet prison camp. Here's the only even remotely work-safe image I could find while drudging through this cessheap. Let me emphasize that word: DRUDGING. This site is so painful it essentially makes time slow down to more effectively punish you, the viewer, for stumbling upon it.

A lovely six-breasted girl by Gouly

Hey! That's great! Chun Lee with six tits! What a marvelous accomplishment! What a great way to spend your free time and energy! Why can't these weirdos have a normal hobby like... uh... having birds shit on your head, writing about it, and then intentionally eating terrible candy? Okay, scratch that last part, the whole point I'm trying to get across here is that the Internet corrupts everything and anything. If you had a nightmare about it in real life, somebody is masturbating to it on the Internet. Which came first, the nightmare or the fetish? Scientists will debate this for decades to come, but until we have an answer, here, have some multiple breasts.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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