Petticoat Pond, submitted by me. I had thought that petticoats were simply an item of clothing, the sort of poofy dress which had gone out of style at approximately the same time that the Wizard of Oz was released. It turns out, however, that to the people at Petticoat Pond, Petticoats are the center of the universe. Petticoats are just clothes, so what's so strange about this site? My bet would be the series of erotic stories which introduce us to Frou-Frous, a new breed of weirdo on the internet. The recurring theme of these stories is boys who misbehave in some way and are then forced by their mothers to wear petticoats and assorted frilly women's clothing. Even if it weren't for these erotic stories, there is a palpable and indescribable air of creepiness seeping from each page.

It seems that when a guy enjoys dressing in frilly things he is almost always labeled as a "sissy". Now, that isn't exactly bad, as the dictionary says a "sissy" is an effeminate male. However, we all know that this word is meant as a put-down. It seems to me that that most guys really do notice things like slips, panties, petticoats, etc. However, aside from the "sissy business", it would seem that, in reality, a guy who is daring enough to wear such things is a pretty darned brave to me.


– State Og Representative

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