Pierce Your Ride, submitted by Mancake. When you make the decision to add oversized piercings to your car by drilling holes into its body (as we all do eventually), you want to purchase your piercings from someone you can trust. Someone who actually uses "rebel against conformity" and "the hunger of a new generation" as slogans without trying to be ironic.

This goes out to all the lovers of ink, showing us there life. To the tribal pain lovers of body piercing...

Too long we have been caged, Pushed to the side in job promotions. We will always push back. When you go to work you don't have to cover up or take them out! Nobody Fu*#ks with your RIDE ~ L.B. LEDESMA

Hell yeah! You tell 'em, L.B. Ledesma! Your words of wisdom are a sparkling fountain in the vast desert of conformity. Your piercings with dragons painted on them will be a catalyst for change when I place them on my Corolla. A hundred years from now our grandchildren will hold their tiny tattooed babies in their arms and reflect upon how L.B. Ledesma's vision brought about a utopia we had spend milennia striving for.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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