OpenBSD release song lyrics, submitted by jodm. I'm not going to lie here: I have no fucking clue what "OpenBSD" is. I can only assume since it's the word "Open" followed by three random letters, it's has something to do with programming.

If my linguistic theories weren't enough, I'm also fairly sure it is what it is because of this Web site. You see when sane people like something, they realize it's just a hobby. When insane, programming-type people like something, they jump into it like it was a swimming pool full of Moutain Dew and anime. The people at this site not only like OpenBSD, they also wrote songs about it.

In case you're not hearing this: several people decided there was no way their time could be better spent than to write thousands of words in song lyrics about an operating platform, then perform them. The end result is stuff like this:

BSD fight buffer reign
Flowing blood in circuit vein
Quagmire, Hellfire, RAMhead Count
Puffy rip attacker out

There's also a ton of artwork and links to download the music. I'm about halfway into the first track on the site, a techno track with a man shouting "don't tell anyone I'm free" in the background. Also something about BSD keeping families safe in trying times.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be off writing fake rap lyrics encouraging children to hurt themselves. A guy's gotta have a hobby!

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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