Wojo's Dong Thongs, submitted by eller. This site, with a design straight out of the year 1997, is all about little gloves to wear over your junk designed by someone who may or may not be Polish royalty and probably not the kind of male genitalia expert you're looking for.

Also for you guys that like to wear nothing at all ! My Dong Thongs are the closet thing your going to get to feeling like your not wearing anything at all under those Levi's, and your protected from chaffing! If your that type of guy! TRUST ME! guys when I tell you that my Dong Thong's are all good! Also gentlemen if you are trying to get your wife pregnant! "You should be wearing one instead of underwear at all times" Guy's if you don't have a significant other, this Dong Thong is the softest most comfortable thing you can get to help you with your self pleasuring needs! If you know what I mean! Ooawh! Hey what can I say it's the truth!

Thanks, Doctor Crotch! With a sale's pitch like that, what in the hell are you idiots still doing wearing regular underwear? Rip it off right now, because your Testicles are practically on fire and your children will come out looking like the Human Torch. Ooawh!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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