ELECTRONIC E-HOE ESCORTS, submitted by Squidl0. How does a page like this come to exist? Does somebody wake up one day, jump out of bed, and exclaim, "I want to whore myself on an Angelfire homepage"?

Welcome to the homepage of the Electronic Ehoe Escorts. These men are here to make sure you are pleased with your "X"- pierence with them. We have one for each type of girl...or boy. These men are here to please and will go to great lengths to do it. Whether it be a night on the town or hardcore raving these fine young men will do it. We have a man for every type of person. If soft and romatic is your thing or hard and kinky we can please you.

With names like "Luscious Lerch" and "Fuckable Fruitloop", I somehow doubt that.

PS: Here's a link to their guestbook. Gee, would anybody like to place a bet that some of the more "witty" SA readers will make comments utilizing the word "fagot"?

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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