Balihai's Persian, submitted by . Cats from another fucking dimension... what else could you want, besides a firm grip on reality?

Hi there, We are Johnny and Lise, we are from Denmark.Our favorite breeding are bicolor, and hopefully we will have some in the future. Our goal is a big heavy boned cat, with big eyes and a sweet expression.The temper is very important to us, and of course a healthy cat is a must! We have only one male for the moment but we are going to keep one of the males in the litter we have right now. We only want 2-3 litter each year, so it is just fine with us that we will have a quiet year without kittens in the upcoming year, unless Albert will start to breed.


PS: But there is a guestbook you can sign. I wouldn't recommend clicking it though, as these cats are obviously Satan's own personal Hellspawn, bent on clawing your eyes out and implanting eggs into your brain. Everything about this horrible page screams, "our dark lord has risen from the grave and he has given birth to hundreds of horribly malformed and disgusting, mutant, bloated, vaguely feline-like objects." Beware, coward!

PPS: I'm very sorry for making this link public and subjecting thousands of people to it. Seriously, I am. This is, by far, the most evil thing I have ever done and I will regret it until the day I'm murdered by a band of Scientologists.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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