Welcome to the Webcam Ward where we preach a new sermon: One of discretion in these troubled days of Internet pride and hubris. In this episode, Diabetus and I attend a new breed of Mass and a new breed of spreading the Word. Amen.

I have a standard format for this article where I write up a few paragraphs to help cleans the pallet before the real show: The video. However in this very special ten fucking minute! extravaganza, I think it's best to abide by the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. I think this is encoded at 29.97 FPS, so... multiplied by 1000... 60 seconds per minute...

Shit, I dunno. What's 60,000 times 29.97? I wish someone would embed a calculator in my computer or something to make this crap easier.

Anyway, fuck it. Enjoy whatever the fuck this was supposed to be with our voices over it.

Liturgical Abuse: Puppets (WCCTA 2008)

Fun exercise: Go and read the comments in the original YouTube video and try to guess who's arguing what. Added:
Description: Call to Action 'Liturgy'
User: CatholicSJ
Views: 55,238

Best Viewer Comment: These so-called Catholics should be ashamed of themselves. They are mocking GOD for heavens sake! Effeminate maleÿ dancers are not the proper way to worship God.

That does it for this week at the Webcam Ward and if you run into a downright horrible video on the world wide web, let us know!

– Michael "slowbeef" Sawyer and Dia "Diabetus" Betus

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