Jesus - With You Always, submitted by Sonny Crockett. Hey Something Awful fans! Happy Easter if you're Christian, and happy nothing if you're not! In the true spirit of Easter, I have decided to neglect my duties as Sunday updater and simply let others make the humor for me. In yet another mention of the true spirit of Easter, the guy who runs this site has created drawings of Jesus interacting with people like you and me in our daily lives. The poor, misguided artist probably beleives he was doing a good thing when posting images like this to the Web...

...But as you well know, he was terribly, terribly wrong. This site alone is entertaining enough, but when you mix in a shot of Forum Goons with a splash of Photoshop, you get a blasphemous cocktail of Biblical proportions! Here are some of the better ones those crazy goons did, enjoy them like I know Jesus did! Exclamation point!

Starting things off, we have an entry from a person or persons named Knormal. Here he depicts the extent of Jesus' true heavenly powers...

Next Up, Flaming Nougat hits us with this One, two combo of Holy!

Here, Banjodark takes a stunning look at why you always wake up from the gas with a disturbingly delicious taste in your mouth.

Forum member Bravo shows us what Jesus really thinks of Women and their damn X chromosomes!

Forum User / Abuser Comte de Saint Germain gives us a glimpse at what an annoying nerd Jesus can be sometimes.

Dermoerder makes a humorous observation about this strapping young lad.

Some annoymous person shows us exactly what you DO NOT do!

Nil Admirari introduces us to the lighter side of Jesus. The side that enjoys a good laugh.

Our friends to the North take a shot from Jesus, courtesy of Roop.

Master of subtlety, Scoobi, shows that Jesus is caring...and tender.

And finally, we have forum member Some Girl giving us three of the MOST ... OFFENSIVE ...IMAGES... EVER.

IN YOUR FACE JESUS! I hope you enjoyed today's update as much as I enjoyed having nothing to do with it. Happy Easter, and enjoy your damn eggs while you can, because you're all going to Hell!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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