In this fast-paced, high-tech, topsy-turvy world of ours, it can be hard for brands to master the art of social media (just ask US Airways). Adapting to modern 'net slang takes a bit of work. It's not 2002 anymore, you can't just blurt out "Monkey Cheese!!!11" and expect to be hailed as a comedic visionary. These days, you have to phrase it like "dat monkey cheese tho" and maybe add a hashtag or two. Denny's understands this, as evidenced by how its Tumblr serves up epic win with a side order of lulz!

Like most companies on the internet, Denny's like to swoop in like a weird omniscient vulture and reblog anyone who mentions their brand (note to brands: nobody likes this), adding some pithy remark like "hope yr enjoyin yr byo skillet ;)" or "tfw you eat the last pancake puppy." They're quick to show they're down with the kids by making pop-culture references (Gangnam Style? How about, uh ... Moons Over My Hammy Style) and memes featuring their products. Heh, bet you didn't think this 61-year-old restaurant chain was hip to the doge meme, did you?

Well, guess what: This ain't your grandparents' Denny's. They're not afraid to get sassy if they detect some snark being sent their way. Heck, this ain't even your dad's Denny's, as their ersatz version of Roamin' Dad can confirm.

Denny's crackerjack marketing team has optimized its branded content to appeal to most major Tumblr demographics. Animated GIF enthusiasts? Check. Adventure Time fans? Check. Shippers? Check. People who post about old video games? Check. New video games? Check. People who like dumb poetry where the words are spelled wrong? Check. '90s nostalgia dorks? You'd better believe it.

Oh, and hey, you kids like that anime thing, right? Here's a horrifying anime babe from their upcoming crowdsourced anime fanfic (no title yet, but my vote's for My Denny's Waitress Can't Be This Cute!).

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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