Our first forum is Anafriends, a place where girls can get together and glorify their eating disorders. Now I'm not going to say some nonsense like, "They are starving in Africa and these girls are deliberately starving themselves! Blah blah blah." We live in the greatest country on Earth and we don't have to be making ourselves feel guilty all the damn time because we knew how to cultivate the land to grow corn, wheat, and hamburgers.

Actually I applaud these girls for furthering the dream of every red-blooded American man out there. These girls are bringing us ever closer to an all skeleton society where skeletons are free to roam free and aren't persecuted for the color of their bones. Rise up, skeleton girls! Make me proud!

Actually I hear hunger makes you hungry. If you ate something then you wouldn't feel so hungry! What an age we live in.

Who wants to give her a hug? You won't even be able to get your arms around her!

I'm fatter! No, I'm fatter! NO, I AM FATTER!!!

It sucks living in a first world country. *pouts*

Salvador Dali is shitting in his grave.

You could cosplay a skeleton.

Yes there is an opposite to being too skinny. It's called being too fat. It's a tough concept I know.

They not only lack a desire to eat but a sense of humor as well.

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