Million Dollar Horse sat dormant for three years, its existence marked only by a Javascript counter that ended Monday. But the wait was worthwhile, because the site's current content not only spotlights a remarkable horse, but also reveals a fascinating individual who supports Ron Paul in the top-secret 2010 election and pines for his long-estranged sweetheart Marcy. This site really has it all: Obama! 2012! NWO! EMP Bomb! MP3 Downloads! Marcy!

As depicted on screen during Seabiscuit starring Spider-Man and Secretariat starring Being John Malkovich, horses represent the aspirations of a generation. Million Dollar Horse is that kind of horse, and someday his story will be related cinematically, after all the events this prophet foresees come to pass, leaving us in dire need of an inspirational animal. For now, though, all we have is this prescient site, from which I will quote these bits of wisdom:

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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