Peer Pressure (thanks Captain Pain) - Fans of black teenagers humping furniture, listen up. Zack Parsons covered this group's fantastic first video here, but I thought fans might be interested in where this hot young group went with their later career.

From the first video, you should move on to their special Christmas video. This one would be far less interesting without the large Christmas tree and what is quite possibly a framed picture of a dead relative just behind the dancers. You are going to want to at least check out the two minute mark, where one of the young lads can hardly contain himself and begins to give a fold-up chair what for.

Haven't had enough yet? Then try this video where they all are wearing surgical masks and crawl out from behind an ugly couch while their older brother is trying to have a private conversation on the phone. It doesn't have the raw purity of their early stuff now that they've resorted to cheap gimmicks and costumes, but fans of the original looking for more won't be disappointed.

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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