By the standards of Awful Link Web sites, which are always as bad as they sound like they'll be unless they're somehow worse than I could have imagined, Weedageddon counts as a pleasant surprise. For one thing, it's not some stupid stoner bullshit. Instead, it's the official site for the groundskeeping crew at the University of Hawaii-Hilo.

For the five of you sticking around after that description, let me assure you these guys did all they could to justify this page's inexplicable existence. You can get to know the guys on their profile pages ("'What is your favorite thing to do in Hilo?' 'Rodeo!'"), download ringtones of "James' Hedge Trimmer" or "Ricky's Mower," or even watch a "making of the ringtones" video! But if you really want to spend some time on this site, click "explore their territory" to get a camera-taped-to-groundskeepers'-belly view of exotic Hawaiian locations such as "theatre parking lot." I watched that one: It was three minutes long, it was loud as fuck, and the whole thing was shaky-cam hedge-trimming. Based on that experience, I can't imagine anyone enjoying these videos. But it's kind of refreshing to have the familiar "who would do this?" response without the usual dread-for-humanity aftertaste that accompanies the gross-fetish sites.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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