Every so often, SA likes to check in with one of the realest dudes on the forums, lil raphandz/Satellite High, using whatever front-page slot we can find to showcase his new tracks. This time, he targets The Young Cons, two editors from The Dartmouth Review who hijacked a Lloyd Banks beat to complain about social programs and reference cartoons. Sat High excels at writing "battle raps about awful conservative attempts to whitewash hip hop in the name of novelty or comedy or publicizing some gilded-age philosophy," so the Young Cons unwittingly stepped to the wrong MC and got taxed, not in the way that they're bitching about but in the "all marks will get taxed" Ice-T sense.

Highest Rated Comment: Not only is your flow better, not only is your rhyme tighter, you're droppin' truth bombs too. Damn Straight. - BroAdsoTube

Highest Rated Comment about Highest Rated Comment: bro adso ur very white -- rum sodomy the lash

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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