Did you know we're midway through VEDA, which means Vlog Every Day in April? If your answer is "no I did not, also that event sounds incredibly stupid," you'll probably enjoy this update! If your answer is "yes, I love VEDA and I have been actively participating in it! My interest in vlogging all started when...", you'll probably find yourself featured here, and while you might not appreciate the commentary, I'm sure you'll enjoy the fact that someone, anyone paid attention to your dumb video, you weird fuck. Something for everyone! Mobutu Sese Seko and Mark Brendle covered 2011's VEDA; you'll want to read that article beforehand for comprehensive sociocultural context, or afterward, because you'll definitely be craving something intelligent once you've watched these clips! Either way, the analysis remains comprehensive and relevant, so this year we'll just post the videos and a few insults.

I'm including a lot of videos, in case some of these people become self-aware and/or feel rightfully shamed. Even if it results in pages full of dead links, this is the best possible scenario, that FYAD somehow convinces these boring, narcissistic ramblers to cancel their YouTube accounts/remove their videos/make their videos private/stop stop stop.


i dare you to watch these!!!! i dare yoU


these people and all people everywhere are shit!!!!

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