2. Clan either writes in haX0r lingo, gangsta rap, or pseudo-military terms they heard from "Full Metal Jacket".
5. Clan members have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

Samples From Website:

"The Mobile Infantry is a branch of the military that goes into battle in powered armor suits. Unfortunetley, us Quake Marines have to fight with what were given. This clan is based on an actual Army regiment in WWII. The 36th Division , made up of the 141rst, 142nd, and 143rd regiments, was the first to invade Europe. My grandfather served in the 142nd , so I have a history in combat,and hope to surpass my granfather in glory..... If i have the time ill scan some of my gramps medals and commendations.... He got the iron cross of valor."

"This page is still under construction .... be patient im still learning html and i have a piece of junk AolPress editor"

Description:Not much on this website, but I just love the parallels between playing Quake and being shot at by Hitler. Apparently having a grandfather who served in WWII gives you "history in combat". I'm fairly sure one of my ancestors handled a gun once, so I guess I have one too. I'm also not quite sure how the clan leader plans to "surpass his granfather in glory", as comparing Quake to a World War is like comparing Seargant Hulka's Bootcamp to Author sounds like he should be in the "142nd Mobile Infancy".

Link for you to join?: Yes

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

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