I think we've already determined that most online ravers seem to have a few thousand misfiring neural synapsis. You can find examples of this by visiting any of their webpages. Anyway, when I came across somebody named "Raver" who was interested in designing a webpage for another one of my idiotic ideas, I was more than excited to take advantage of the opportunity.

Raver - hey

Raver - whas

Raver - whas up??

Lowtax - Hello friend!

Raver - hey! Whasup??

Lowtax - Just chillin', kickin' the fly pill with my homies, you know!

Raver - kewl. what music u like?

Lowtax - Acid goa techstep happy harcore

Raver - Kewl, like Orbiral and Chemical brocts?

Lowtax - YEAH, just like Chemical Brocts!

Raver - u have a homepage?

Lowtax - Not right now, I'm trying to reserve www.gas4uonline.com for my business.

Raver - what do u do?

Lowtax - I sell gasoline online. We ship diesel, unleaded, regular, and premium right now to anywhere in the US. Soon we'll ship to Canada!

Raver - wow, online? You have youre own buisness?

Lowtax - Yup, we started a couple months ago. I "found" a bunch of barrels of gas, and now I sell it online. You know, in case your car breaks down, you just punch in my web address and we'll FedEx the gas to you ASAP! We're the only business that does this!

Raver - woah kewl, u make a lot of money with this?

Lowtax - Hell yeah, everybody needs gas! If the new governmental bill I sponsered passes, I'll soon be REAL rich!

Raver - Can I help? I know a bit of HTML, I can make your webpage?

Lowtax - You know how to make the color red?

Raver - yeah

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