You know, we've had a lot of fun with our Halloween Photoshop franchise, but most of the featured images have been quite silly and not especially scary. Now, though, it's time to play the Nightmares Fear Factory home version! First of all, you'll need to install that familiar patchy wallpaper pattern. Next, set up a webcam. Look at the pics on the first two pages and let the lens capture your terrified reactions! Now just upload your goofiest afraid-face and you, too, can be mocked by the Internet!

If you skipped the intro and also the previous Nightmares Fear Factory installments, because you're not only brave enough to jump right into two pages of scary Photoshops but also bold/savvy enough not to require context, well, you'll probably skip this also. But for curious newcomers, here's the format: Uncredited images are from NFF's Flickr/Instagram pages; the rest are Photoshops from SA Goons!



Gorilla Codpiece



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