Emboldened by the success of his Kim Jong-un thread, Count Freebasie immediately returned to the "Insert [Public Figure] into [Unlikely Setting]" template. However, the SA Forums rejected his "Famous People Go Amish" concept, perhaps due in part to his baffling choice of celebrities (Jason Giambi?!). Fellow poster Pope Mobile then suggested "Put anglerfish into suburban homes," and Goons started doing that, but some of them retained the Amish angle as well. Everyone wins, really.




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  • Meditations from a Movable Weiner

    Meditations from a Movable Weiner

    Sometimes I dream that I'm sitting in the back of the defunct Weinermobile as it careens driverless down the highway. At first I thought this was symbolic of the powerlessness I feel in life, but then I realized it's actually the Weinermobile's dream of being able to drive again.

  • BarkWire.com Dog Reviews: The Barquis de Sade & Cleaver

    BarkWire.com Dog Reviews: The Barquis de Sade & Cleaver

    Three years ago, when we were burying my uncle, Cleaver and some gross lady dog (Solstice???) showed up at the cemetery and starting going at it really loudly. It ruined everything and we had to have a "re-do" the next day and it cost a fortune. I've hated him ever since for that.

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