Last week, Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka presented Something Awful readers with the gift of customizable Santas. The SA Forum Goons who spent holiday time making their surreal Saint Nick visions an often-horrific reality couldn't wait to share what they'd made, so they, in fact, didn't wait and instead posted them immediately. Rich and I went through the images, with one of us sorting them into groups of ten and the other ordering within those groups. It's the kind of compromise that leaves no one happy! The top 10 Santa-creators win a mystery prize, and Rich will get in touch with you to provide additional details, so be sure not to leave your computer until then for any reason!

Honorable Mention: Before we get to the top 50, here are some high-quality Santas that didn't quite make the cut.







Those were great, right? So the Top 50 Santas must be really amazing. Either that, or the judging was incompetent. Or a fun mix of the two! Click ahead and find out for yourself!

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