Create your very own Santa Claus with the Something Awful Santa Claus playset! Hundreds of different features, colors, and transformations ensures infinite terrifying, horrendous creations!

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DIRECTIONS: Choose a category from the drop down list in the top-right corner. Then choose the part you would like displayed. Once added to the stage, the object can be resized, rotated, or flipped by using its transformation handles (squares that surround it when clicked). You may also (usually) change the color of a selected item by clicking the color palette icon on the top. The red up and down arrows will move the selected object forward or backward a layer. The "T" button toggles editable text on the bottom of the screen.

Once your creation is complete, hit the "Send to Friend" button, copy the custom URL it creates, and then share that link (and your monstrosity) with all your friends! Or don't! Who cares!

Huge thanks to Tommy "tweekmonster" Allen for the cavalcade of code, and Shmorky for the assload of art!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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