Image size: pretty big for just text. could stand to have a smaller font size. Good width, easy to read the whole thing without losing your place.

Spelling/grammar: Mostly pretty good. Doesn't include commas after quotations [""this book is red," and we" instead of ""this book is red" and we"] and the last sentence is uncapitalized. Also a lot of run-ons but that could be an affectation of childlike ignorance and discovery[???]

Image content: It's a screencap of a reblog of a tumblr post uploaded to imgur. It's a near-certainty that whoever uploaded this picture to imgur is a nobel prize-winning mensa genius

Overall lesson: Solid. "Don't tell somebody they're wrong until you've seen things from their point of view." That's definitely important, and it was conveyed in a clear, concise manner, with a visual aid and just enough audience participation to be memorable. Five stars.

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