• Celebrity Encounter Stories!

    Celebrity Encounter Stories!

    As I was walking in the bathroom, to my surprise Bill Murray was walking out. ‘Hey you're Bill Mur-‘ I was cut off as he quickly dragged me into the bathroom and started beating me. I cowered into the fetal position, his powerful strikes sending shoots of pain throughout my body. He stared deep into my eyes and said ‘No one will ever believe you.’

  • SpectreOfSpace's Homestuck Tumblr (Excerpts)

    SpectreOfSpace's Homestuck Tumblr (Excerpts)

    I read the homestuck comic, I read all the updates, I read the whole thing multiple times and I love it. I love to read it in a different art style, where the characters get copy pasted and edited slightly like it's a pokemon romhack, and the writing is mad libs but randomer and more ftw. Basically whatever this is is my shit, so, uh, yeah. reblog.

  • Good Ways to Die in 2014!

    Good Ways to Die in 2014!

    most people aren't a fan of brutally dieing in gruesome ways, but I guess I'm not most people.

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