The world is full of many mysterious and spectacular animals, but our knowledge of the breadth and depth of nature's diversity is scattered and fractured and fragmented. The Aboriginal is fully aware of the great healing powers of the koala snout, whereas the posh businessman knows nothing of the sort. The great hunters of the west have long known of a horse's love for rare gems whereas in China they have for years attempted to lure them with precious metals without luck.

This week, forums goon Calcifer attempts to aggregate all animal knowledge in an illustrated encyclopedia. Read on to find out the true worth of turtles and the lurking danger of eyelid mites!


A friend of mine recently subscribed to XNA, and has started a pet project that will perhaps eventually result in a game being for sale among other Xbox Live Community Games.

I've been pitching him ideas and scribbling up concept art in ms paint, and while doing so I had the idea that it would be amusing to make an animal fact book.

These I made when I was trying to convince him the game should be about bees and/or frogs.

And this I made just for the thread.

The idea is to ms paint an animal in its natural environment (i.e. a field, the hood of your car on the freeway, etc) along with a little-known factoid pertaining to said animal.



I often wonder about what they think when they are forced to be up-close to our faces

Bird theme

Lord Krangdar 


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