My family's holidays are sectioned off by what kind of meat we eat. Turkey for Thanksgiving, Ham for Easter, a pack of Slim-Jims for my Birthday.

I don't know anything about religion, so I hope I don't offend the seven remaining Christians left on the internet.

Livestock's chat logs are extremely popular, so I thought I would try my own spin-off.

Easter Chat with Lowtax

Salmon Season: Hey Rich, Happy Easter
Lowtax is away at 9:02pm
Lowtax returned at 9:50pm
Salmon Season: Hey Rich, welcome back
Salmon Season: Hello?
Salmon Season: I know you're there, your away message just turned off!
Lowtax signed off at 10:08pm
To be continued....

These rabbit gifs are too tall and too festive, but I'm keeping them in.

Happy Easter kids!

Sincerely Booya,

– Ian "Salmon Season" Golding (@iggolding)

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