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Today's Update

I banged out the majority of today's update in two hours this Thursday with an enthusiasm I haven't felt in quite a few weeks, then on Friday (the day I'm writing this) I awoke with bronchitis. I'm currently hacking up parts of my lung and everything seems roughly ten miles away from my fingertips. I'm sure this detached feeling didn't exactly help the remaining parts of the article I had to write today. After going through a bit of a creative slump, it's pretty frustrating getting so excited about an update, then not being able to see it through to completion exactly the way I want to. I'm pretty happy with it on the whole, but I think it could have been great with a few revisions.

Since I only got one submission from the State Og guys and wasn't exactly in the frame of mind to come up with something myself (though I tried brainstorming for over an hour which just made me more tired), there's no State Og as of right now. My dog ate my homework blah blah blah. When I wake up in the morning I'll hopefully be a bit more lucid and will try to take a shot at it since a late article is better than none at all.


Thanks to forum member inpheaux, over whose screencaps I traced this animation.This teaser image is from one channel of several on a lowly tv set in Psychonauts. If there's that much goodness in such a small detail, it stands to reason that the game has a lot more crotch punching right? Well no, but there is a lot more of some other stuff that's equally cool. I'm a Tim Schafer fanboy, and as expected the guy crammed more humor into this title than anything I've played in the last five years.

It's also a really solid platformer with some fantastic level design, which doesn't hurt. I recommend it to anyone vaguely interested in humor and fun games.

If you decide to collect every item in the game, be prepared to overcome suicidal thoughts. Instead of coins or whatnot, Psychonauts features Figments of imagination you must grab while running through people's psyche. They're brightly colored and partially transparent, so on a few levels featuring neon colored textures you'll likely walk right by a few without seeing them. This is totally optional, but you do get a rather neat prize for collecting everything.

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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