~*~ Serious Hardware / Software Crap ~*~

A ticket came in...

The IT Certification Megathread - The next best thing to nepotism!

2010 IBM Master the Mainframe contest: Hack the Gibson, win a tshirt

Case cooling with CO2

Post your favorite obscure (but very useful) applications here

C/C++ Programming Questions Not Worth Their Own Thread

Post anyone but that flat slut Mandy Moore and the YOSPOSest images you got

Dust is the computer killer

doom thread

~*~ Debate & Discussion ~*~

Proud americans celebrate are freedom by burning books

GOP VI: "All about hate and Islamophobia"

Proposition 19 Activism Thread

Democrats: 120 Promises Kept, 0 Balls

What is the present day point of the Electoral College?

Hypothetically, if aliens landed...

~*~ The TV IV ~*~

Star Trek: S1: No cheese! S2: Cheese on occasion. S3, 4: Cheese-a-palooza!

True Blood: Season 3 - I used to drink hot sauce straight out of the bottle.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia -- Season 6 is about meatbombs
Sons of Anarchy Season 3: The Outlaw Had Mercy [RUNS UNTIL 11:13 PM!!!]
Late Night Talk: Dave, Jay, Craig, Carson, Lopez, Conan (soon) & the Jimmys
Seinfeld: "ASSMAN"

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    Lair Flair!

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    SkyMall Product Review: Bark Deterring Ultrasonic Collar

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