As you may have noticed, our "Whitest Kids U' Know" contests and advertisement campaign is coming to an end after a few months. Thanks to this great advertising campaign, we will use the revenue to purchase a couple new servers and a hardware firewall, thereby making the forums even more fast and secure. Thank you, IFC, for running the campaign here and providing us revenue to use for forum upgrades and improvements! And thank you, Something Awful Forum members, for viewing and clicking on these ads, thereby making it possible for us to run such campaigns in the first place!

As a final note, The Whitest Kids U' Know has just begun airing season two, a new episode every Sunday at 11:00PM (E/P) on IFC. Oh, and you can buy the entire season one DVD from IFC, if you are inclined to do such a thing.

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– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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