Lowtax - Hello welcome to ICQ

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Hello go fuck a cow

Lowtax - Would you like to pet my sweaty man thing?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Where were you born? Windows? Dos?

Lowtax - How do you feel about Wyoming my friend?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Ok

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Do you want Warez?

Lowtax - Who's that?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Warez full version games?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - wanna play Quake 2 now whats ur IP?

Lowtax - IP? What is that, my brother?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Do you want to play Quake 2?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - What good games do you have on ur crappy pc

Lowtax - I have the game "FUCKY FUCKY TOE PARADE". It's Japanese.

-={[ÎÑF訄 - no really what good games I got the Quakes and Half Life

Lowtax - I had the Quakes last month but I saw the doctor and got some medicine

-={[ÎÑF訄 - so what do u have now

Lowtax - A black eye and a restraining order from your grandmother

-={[ÎÑF訄 - what pc do u have?

Lowtax - PC? What the heck is that my friend?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - ITS U


-={[ÎÑF訄 - Do you have a TV?

Lowtax - Yes

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Whats on channel 3 right now

Lowtax - How do you feel about Wyoming?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - What video game machones do u got

-={[ÎÑF訄 - I like to wyoming

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