Torn Between Love and Prestige with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: how is your gf
Moof: good i think i have not spoken with her today
Moof: so perhaps she is not good perhaps she has been kidnapped
Livestock: oh god have there been any ransom demands
Moof: not yet no
Livestock: i will pray moof
Livestock: but i fear it may be too late
Moof: what if they ask for my rewards :(
Livestock: you can always earn new ones
Moof: what about trophies :(
Livestock: you can buy them at a store you know
Livestock: the girl at the checkout counter will hand them to you after ringing them up
Livestock: and you can pretend you are winning them
Moof: can i give a speech
Livestock: yes you may
Moof: :D
Livestock: that is a smilie not a speech, moof
Moof: no i am saving the speech for the awards ceremony
Livestock: the other people in line might try to interrupt but don't let them distract you
Livestock: it is your moment in the sun
Moof: i will not let them
Moof: should i dress up for the occasion
Livestock: absolutely, wear your sunday best
Moof: i am so excited

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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