So our forest adventure as a deer-human has come to a close. I would like to say I learned something from this experience but I already knew bizarre people exist... Perhaps I learned that a community segregated to a virtual forest in the middle of the internet will excite very easily when a somewhat normal outside community gives it any attention whatsoever. Perhaps something in my heart has changed toward mutated deer or perhaps I just really have to take a giant crap; maybe I can produce something more appealing than this game from my bowels alone.

As with every article I blindly throw audio and footage together with no talent and squeeze a video out that people flock to vote down. This time is no exception-- though I feel that this video truly provides an accurate sense of what The Endless Forest is all about. Please enjoy my kindred deer spirit penis fawns.

I don't believe any game this horrible exists anywhere on earth. For this, I will honor The Endless Forest by going outside the boundaries of my very strict grading scale to ensure that another game never comes close.


Thanks to these lovely phallic fawns: Slybo, Tipps, PenaltyMan, ptlsaints, Kal (A LOT), Froderick, Tkytko, EvilMuppet , Deadlysherpa, Turbl, Ponken, Chrodyn, Taumpy Tearrs, RagingPawn, Sobek, Attic Light, Stanley Pain, Lincolnstein, Law, CherryCola, The Skeep, Dishsoap, Sandwich Fight, DjCoax, Sneakums, Giant_Pupils, RichLather, kinkood, Fourecks, Arachne, Night Gaunt, Biased Truth, ifonlyiwereawsum, and Braco!

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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