This time around I decided to go with a theme when slapping together a video. I actually think most of you will enjoy this (if you even know what I am making a parody of) and it should give you all a break from the mediocre videos I tend to make.

If you didn't like the video this time around then you never will like any video I will make. Give up and go watch other YouTube videos of teenage girls fighting each other or fat men playing with their tits.


I'd like to thank all of these wonderful goons for trying to shoot me: PenaltyMan, Nobuu, Inkel, Kamoc, ABrassMonocle, Dusz, Sneakums, tomanton, Spelling Mitsake, Ivan_Vackinof, Mr. Noon, Dark_Talon, Garth Vader, and Captain Novolin

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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