Manga Fighter never had anything that resembled the least bit of fun. The only way to upgrade involved countless hours of mindless grinding for minuscule cash and experience rewards. In fact, if I quit a game in midstream I immediately lost sixty experience but if I won a sixteen man death match I would only see around thirty experience as my reward. Way to go Manga Fighter you found a way to drain all the fun from the first person shooting genre and turn it into another mindless time sink.

Well there you have it, the worst FPSMMO that has ever been and ever will be made until Huxley comes out which I am sure Korea will find some way to screw up.

I would like to thank the following manga warriors for reminding me that this game sucks for two weeks: Ptlsaints, Trickstyler, Vlad3217, Rexicon1, Law, Spelling mitsake, Penaltyman, Proidian, Bundle of keys, Mr. saturday, Ben is not cool, Nobuu, Dark_talon, Jonnyfive, Ota_himuro, Mediocre_dane, Tomanton, Rex rabidorum vires, Redcircle155, Mmmuffins, Ask me about bugs, Captain novolin, Cupcakecamper, Lincolnstein, Camilla, Tulenian, Jidohanbaiki, Valiant Valium, EvilMuppet, Ponken, Amishcellphone, Jonlikespie, Duey, Lareine, John_anon_smith, Sarutoszero, Kinkood, Taumpy tearrs, Waar, Linall, Tikiglass, Hulkamatt, Richlather, Lamont_dragonshot, ABrassMonocle, Kal (shootin' terrorists), and Goatinator. Also, thanks to Admiral Badtacular for the last article as I left him out of the list that time!

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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